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DSP Allocation

The following calculation are based on PVDM2 Router 2821 IOS V: 15.1(4)M1 PVDM Table PVDM Number of DSP pvdm2-8 1/2 DSP pvdm2-16 1 DSP pvdm2-32 2 DSP pvdm2-48 3 DSP pvdm2-64 4 DSP Conference Conference Codec Participants / dsp Sessions … Continue reading

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How to know the codec being used in a call

In my lab I have back to back BRI connection port 0/0/0 is for outgoing call port 0/0/1 is for incoming calls Router#sh voice call summary PORT CODEC VAD VTSP STATE VPM STATE ============== ========= === ==================== ====================== 0/0/0.1 g711ulaw … Continue reading

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Adding Conference Bridge

Callmanager IP : 2821 Gateway IP : on interface GigabitEthernet0/0 !!this is the placement of the pvdm2-64 installed on this Router voice-card 0 dsp services dspfarm ! sccp local GigabitEthernet0/0 !!adding the identifier 1 for this first callmanager … Continue reading

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