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Information About DTMF Relay

Information About DTMF Relay   Dual-tone multifrequency (DTMF) is the tone generated on a touchtone phone when the keypad digits are pressed. During a call, DTMF may be entered to access interactive voice response (IVR) systems, such as voice mail … Continue reading

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Ref: Admission Control Combined with Low Latency Queueing LLQ provides a means to forward voice traffic with strict priority The LLQ is not supported on any tunnels. RSVP support for LLQ on Frame Relay permanent virtual circuits (PVCs) and … Continue reading

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Configuring Secure SCCP VG224 (VG2XX) Over TLS with CUCM

1    INTRODUCTION This report explains and gives the steps to be done to activate secure VG224 as SCCP , on this report I use the router as Certificate authority (CA) , if you use third party CA , there will … Continue reading

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pattern ext-to-ext

The Cisco SRS Telephony router provides flexibility for the integration with any legacy voice-mail system. You can configure multiple tags and tokens for each pattern, depending on the voice-mail system and type of access. The tag in the configuration pattern … Continue reading

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Voice Over IP – Per Call Bandwidth Consumption

Bandwidth Calculation Formulas These calculations are used: Total packet size = (L2 header: MP or FRF.12 or Ethernet) + (IP/UDP/RTP header) + (voice payload size) PPS = (codec bit rate) / (voice payload size) Bandwidth = total packet size * … Continue reading

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MTP Over Subscription

If all n MTP transcoding sessions are utilized, and an n + 1 connection is attempted, the next call will complete without using the MTP transcoding resource. If this call attempted to use the software MTP function to provide supplementary … Continue reading

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RTP timestamp

RTP and RTCP—(Real-Time Transport Protocol and RTP Control Protocol) Protocols used to sequence the audio and video packets. The RTP header contains a time stamp and sequence number, allowing the receiving device to buffer as much as necessary to remove … Continue reading

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