Urgent Messages Program UMP

It was raining last weekend , I had no any other projects , and I did not feel like studying for my CCIE , so I have decided with play to JTAPI . It has been more than 5 years that I did not write a line with JAVA , I thought that I can make a program in a 4 hrs . In reality it took about 2 days (sat and sun) and 5 hours after my work for a 3 days, so in total about about 5 day. Yes back to Java was HARD

This program will allow sending messages to Cisco IP phones , I did not have the time to test it in a large production environment yet . I have test it with 7.1.5 callmanager and (7942,7941,7911,7912) .This is a free program , but not open source , I feel ashame to show my code 🙂 . Please notice that I wrote this program for fun only, I won’t be responsible for any damages caused by this program. If you have any bug please write me back I will check it . if you test it under other callmanager version let me know .

Download it here :UMP

To make this program working you have to create a jtapi  user on the callmanager

Create an application user

The same password will be used to connect UMP to the callmanager

Assign the phone to be controlled by the JTAPI user , UMP will be able to send alerts only to phones that are controlled by the JTAPI user

Assign CTI group to the JTAPI user

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11 Responses to Urgent Messages Program UMP

  1. Ken Johnson says:

    It would certainly be interesting to see the source code as I have nver coded a JTAPI application.

    Any recommendations as to documentation to create these type of applications?

    • Hello

      well the spirit of this blog is sharing , so I have no pb sending you the Netbean project , but I’m still not proud of this code 😦 , and by the way I have test it in real environment , and I found 2 small bug ,
      1:ip address can’t be edited , but you may past the text inside
      2: it was not fast , this is because I had to use a timer in my lab (only 3 phones ) this timer allow the phone to execute the commands I send
      I will try to see how to by pass this problem

      is the email you provide valid , I can send you the project to this mail


  2. By the way , here is a good place to start with ,http://developer.cisco.com/web/jtapi/docs

  3. Hi Houssam,
    I tired it on ccm5 and it gave me a ” com.cisco.jtapi.PlatformExceptionImpl: Unable to create provider — null” status message.

  4. Hello
    can you give me the that he groups of your JTAPI user , insure that secure CTI group is not selected


    • Hello Houssam,
      Here is the error message in details:
      TraceModule: couldn’t create LogFileOutputStream: java.io.FileNotFoundException:
      .\trace03.log (Access is denied)

      and I have the following group assigned to it:
      Standard CTI Enabled
      Standard CTI Allow Call Park Monitoring
      Standard CTI Allow Calling Number modification
      Standard CTI Allow Control of All devices
      Standard CTI Allow Reception of SRTP Key Material

      • Hummm
        this seems to be user rights on the directory and the executable file of the program
        that is why you have Access is denied , try to give more rights to the program and to the user , let me know , if not we can look at this together


      • Houssam,
        I tried running command prompt as administrator to run the jar file, now its not giving me the “access denied” error. but the other “com.cisco.jtapi.PlatformExceptionImpl: Unable to create provider — null” still exist.

        by the way,this is how i am running the java file. I use cmd and type #java.exe -jar “filename”#

  5. hummm

    then I think it is because , the jtapi library is the one for 7.1 , if have some time I will try to make the library independent from the program , if you have the chance to test it on other version 7.1.3 or 7.1.5 let me know the result

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