Special Thanks to someone

Last week I  met a fresh CCIE R&S , I would like to make him a special thanks , he gave me many hints to help me studying and he motivated me,  below are some points he gave me and I would like to share it :

  • Use note pad , and try to type the command by heart
  • Avoid using the tab key
  • Try to be familiar as much as you can with the available doc of Cisco
  • Use the  Cisco documentation every night or whenever you have time
  • Plan your study
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2 Responses to Special Thanks to someone

  1. Adam says:

    Hi. I have got CCNP (R&S). My next step is CCNP (Voice). Can you tell what is the benefit/purpose of using Cisco doc “http://www.cisco.com/cisco/web/psa/configure.html” with respect to the CCIE? How does it help during the CCIE lab? I mean are we allowed to visit Cisco doc website during the CCIE lab exam? I asked you because you said “familiar as much as…”, that could mean it may be helpful during the lab. I am just curious. Your website is really a superb place to learn. Hopefully I will visit this website many times in future.


    • Hello

      sorry for being late , you will never be able to know every single command by heart , and the official documentation does not have a search option , so you must be able to navigate through the documentation

      here is a real example :
      you get for example a disconnect cause XXX , by using the documentation , you will find the description of the cause number


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