CAC On Voice Gateway/CME part 4

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The Fall-back Method

The main site has 2 dial-peers  for the same destination with 2 different priority

Dial-peer with preference 0 will take the path through the WAN link

Dial-peer with preference 1 will take the path through PSTN

Cisco2821(config)#dial-peer voice 40 voip
Cisco2821(config-dial-peer)# destination-pattern 5..
Cisco2821(config-dial-peer)#codec g711ulaw
!!we give the highest priority to this dial peer
Cisco2821(config-dial-peer)#preference 0
!!configuring fall-back for this dial peer
Cisco2821(config-dial-peer)#call fallback
Cisco2821(config-dial-peer)# session target

The dial-peer below will be used for PSTN Path

Cisco2821(config)#dial-peer voice 41 pots
Cisco2821(config-dial-peer)# destination-pattern 5..
Cisco2821(config-dial-peer)#preference 1
Cisco2821(config-dial-peer)#port 0/0/0

Now back to the global config , we will configure the fall-back conditions

Cisco2821(config)#call fallback ?
active Fallback to alternate dial-peers in case of
network congestion
cache-size Configure cache size
cache-timeout Configure cache timeout
expect-factor Configure the Expect Factor A
icmp-ping Configure parameters related to ICMP ping
instantaneous-value-weight Configure the instantaneous value weight
jitter-probe Configure jitter probe parameters
key-chain Configure MD5 key chain
map Configure IP mapping
monitor Monitor destinations without fallback to
alternate dial-peers
probe-timeout Configure probe timeout
reject-cause-code Configure disconnect cause code for rejected
threshold Configure ICPIF or delay/loss threshold
wait-timeout Configure time to wait for probe response

Notice that you may use different method to configure the fall-back conditions

Below I will use my preferred methods

Cisco2821(config)#call fallback threshold icpif 12
!!activate the fall-back mechanism
Cisco2821(config)#call fallback active

For more info about icpif please read part 3


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