Basic methods

  • ACK
  • OPTION: Request information about the capabilities of a server
  • BYE

SIP Answers

  • 1xx – Provisional Messages.
  • 2xx – Success Answers.
  • 3xx – Redirection Answers.
  • 4xx – Method Failures.
  • 5xx – Server Failures.
  • 6xx – Global Failures.
  • proxy : 1 single point of contact , between the other component
  • registrar : register the phone with
  • user agent (client or server) : it can be the phone
  • redirect server : redirect to other domain
  • location : translate name to ip , or Directory number to ip
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2 Responses to SIP

  1. Ken Johnson says:

    What does the ‘nb’ in ‘nb to ip’ mean?

  2. sorry , this is my way to say number , I will change it and make it “number”

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