Difference between CAS and CCS

  • CCS : Common channel signaling (it used a dedicated channel for the signaling )
  • CAS : Channel Associated Signaling (it use 2 or 4 bit in the same frame of the data for signaling)

CCS with E1 =30 B channels and 1 D  channel

CCS with T1 = 23 B channels and 1 D channel

CAS with E1 = 31 B Channels

CAS with T1 = 24 B Channels

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6 Responses to Difference between CAS and CCS

  1. Wilfred says:

    what’s the meaning “30 B channels and 1 D channel”?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why CAS with E1 = 31 B Channels, not 32 B same as 24 B?

  3. Anonymous says:

    CAS works differently for E1 and T1

    For T1 it does Robbed bit signalling i.e. CAS uses least significant bit of every 6th frame for signaling , so only 7 bit are used for voice data. This lowers the voice quality ,but is not noticable . Hence providing all the 24 challens for calls .

    For E1, B channels are 31 as one challen is dedicated for signalling . To be exact only 30 out of 32 E1 channels can be used for call as 1st channel is used for framing and 17th for signalling .

    hope that was enough to clear your doubt .

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