Voice Port BRI PRI E1 unregistered

Below are reasons for unregistered port

  • First thing to check is the gateway name , host name of the gateway must be identical to the gateway name on the callmanager
  • You must be able to ping the gateway by name from the callmanager
  • If you are with callmanager 4 then you may want to modify your host file
  • If you you use domain in your gateway , then the name of the gateway on the callmanager must be name.domain
  • Finally if you have many interfaces on the Gateway ,  you may want to bind the MGCP wit the right interface
  • Use sh isdn status command this will show you if any problem and in which layer

Binding MGCP EX:

mgcp bind control source-interface FastEthernet0
mgcp bind media source-interface FastEthernet0

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