HylaFax and Cisco CallManager

To be Done :

More explanation using partitions and CSS

Call Flow

I will have 2 call flow

Incoming Fax 1 : PSTN >> Gateway (2811) >>Callmanager >> Hylafax

Incoming Fax 2: LocalFax >>Callmanager >>Hylafax

Outgoing Fax 1 : Hylafax >> Callmanager >> Gateway (2811) >> PSTN

Outgoing Fax 2 : Hylafax >> Callmanager >> LocalFax

The used Gateway is MGCP

CallManager Version is CallManager 7.1.5



  • Your internal or local Fax must not be behind an ATA
  • If you are using ATA , you must manage you call Flow to pass a Gateway  VG or 2800
  • Must use CallManager 6 or later


  • Internal Fax numbers 50x (500 up to 509)
  • Internal DID : 046646350X
  • PST Fax Number : 0122904223
  • The digit to dial for outgoing calls will be 0 , so to dial the PSTN Fax you will have to dial 00122904223


  • Enable T38 for MGCP : Device >>Gateway
  • Disable Cisco Fax Relay

  • Create H323 Trunk :Inter-Cluster Trunk (Non-Gatekeeper Controlled)
  • Device >> Trunk >> Add New

  • Give a Device Name , Ex : FaxServerTrunk
  • Server 1 IP Address/Host Name : Type the IP Address of the Hylafax server

Before going ahead  with the CSS configuration , let’s agree on the outgoing and incoming configuration that has to be done for the Trunk. The CallManager is the center , so if it is going out of the CallManager , it will be considered as out going route information , the next Schema will give better explanation

So the incoming trunk CSS will be used for you Hylafax outgoing Faxes

EX: suppose you will allow only national Number for outgoing fax , then set the

Calling Search Space = CSS_Nationl

What is T38Modem

  • It is not a modem.
  • From a FAX application’s view point (e.g. HylaFAX) T38modem looks like a class 1 FAX modem pool.
  • From an IP network view point it’s a H.323 endpoint with T.38 FAX support. Recent versions also support SIP.
  • From your view point it’s a gateway between a fax application and an IP network.

Installing T38Modem

  • sudo apt-get install t38modem

Installing Hylafax

  • sudo apt-get install hylafax-server hylafax-client hylafax-doc

ps :

  • I use Ubuntu 10.04 server edition
  • if you have pb installing T38Modem or hylafax , pls refer to my friend Google 🙂

Installing AvantFax

AvantFAX® is a web application for managing faxes on HylaFAX™ fax servers.

please refer to http://www.avantfax.com/install.php , they have a good installation procedure.

Starting T38Modem

t38modem -o /var/log/t38modem.log  –h245tunneldisable -p ttyp1,ttyp2 –old-asn –route 9@ -n -t

-p ttyp1,ttyp2: accept all incoming faxes , it can be replaced by -p 501@ttyp1,502@ttyp2 , this will allow only incoming fax to 501 and 502

!!!!! Attention!!!!!! the tty can have different names dependingon your OS , it might be ttys1 or ttyx1 or just like my case it was ttyp1

–route 9@ : route all numbers starting with 9 to the Callmanager (outgoing Fax) , be careful the callManager will not see the “9”, it will be discarded by t38modem

Starting Hylafax

sudo /etc/init.d/hylafax restart

You may want to setup hylafax after starting T38modem  to allow hylafax self configurations :

sudo faxsetup

This is normally a one time command

References :


Let me know if this worked for you , or if you have any remarks .

Enjoy Hylafax

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