Manual upgrade for Cisco ATA 186

Tools neede:

  • FTPD32 (DHCP server)
  • Straight RJ45 cable
  • The ATA Firmawate
  1. Download the Zip file from Cisco website (version at the date of this article is
  2. Download the cop file  (cmterm-ata-3.2.4-sccp.cop.sgn)
  3. Configure the pool address of the DHCP Server (FTPD32)
  4. Assign a static IP address to your PC (must not be in the DHCP pool)
  5. Connect your ATA via the RJ45 straight cable to your PC
  6. Deactivate your PC firewall in case you have communication pb
  7. From the command line locate the unzipped folder you have downloaded from Cisco website
  8. Type the following command :  sata186us.exe -any -d1 ATA030204SCCP090202A.zup (This file will be in the same unzipped folder)
  9. when typing this command you will have something like this
  10. Notice that you can see your static IP address , here it is
  11. Press on the function Button found on the top of the ATA 186
  12. Dial the number appearing on the DOS screen (here : 100#10*90*15*8000#)
  13. You will be promoted to  save by pressing *
  14. Press *

Use this procedure to force an upgrade of an ATA186 , I would recommend updating the Firmware on the CallManager  by using the COP file , this will insure keeping the last firmware on the ATA .

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7 Responses to Manual upgrade for Cisco ATA 186

  1. ABDUL RAHIM says:

    Can you please advice , how I can downgrade my ATA from SIP to SCCP

  2. ABDUL RAHIM says:

    Thanks for your reply
    I understood all except

    2.Download the cop file (cmterm-ata-3.2.4-sccp.cop.sgn)
    3.Configure the pool address of the DHCP Server (FTPD32)

    do this necessary if I am doing manual upgrade? how can I do this..? your help will be h ighly appreciated

  3. ABDUL RAHIM says:

    thanks for your feedback
    I understood except

    2.Download the cop file (cmterm-ata-3.2.4-sccp.cop.sgn)
    3.Configure the pool address of the DHCP Server (FTPD32)
    How can I do this, if am doing manual upgrade, your help is highly appreciated

    • Hello
      if you are a cisco partner then you can download the cmterm-ata-3.2.4-sccp.cop.sgn from their website and it is normally zipped

      I recommand using FTPD32 to be in isolated network
      the FTPD32 is a dhcp server that will give to your pc and to your ata an IP address

      when you use a DHCP server you must define a pool for example ;
      pool 1 : until
      then connect your pc to your ata via a straight cable
      both your pc and ata will get an ip address 192.168.2.x

  4. Azhar says:

    Hi Houssam,

    Very good information. Thank you.

    Is there any question ask about ATA in CCIE ver. 3 ?

    Again, thank you and have a great day.

  5. Hi Azhar

    well I have no idea , I wrote this article because I had to make a howto for one of my clients

    Kind Regards

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