Losing Network Connectivity On Vmware Callmanager 8.5

I had a strange pb , I was losing Network connectivity of my Virtual Callmanager .
I was losing the network connectivity just after the start of Vmware Tools Service
Here are the steps I have done to resolve this pb

  1. Change the boot order of my Virtual CallManager , to boot from CD
  2. download CentOSย  CD http://mirror.ovh.net/ftp.centos.org/4.8/isos/i386/CentOS-4.8-i386-bin1of4.iso
  3. Boot using this CD
  4. Type (linux rescue)
  5. Type (chroot /mnt/sysimage)
  6. Type (chkconfig vmware-tools off)
  7. Type (rm /etc/init.d/vmware-tools)
  8. Type (rm -R /etc/vmware-tools)
  9. Reboot normally
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9 Responses to Losing Network Connectivity On Vmware Callmanager 8.5

  1. T.ROQUETTE says:

    I experienced the same issue in my lab, and I applied your “patch”
    Thank you for this information
    Thomas (France)

  2. Christian says:

    Thanks It Works Great…

  3. matt says:

    hi this works up to Type (rm -R /etc/vmware-tools)
    it says this command is not recognised???
    really want to get this fixed its driving me crazy – thanks

  4. matt says:

    ok so if I had bithered to read your post cirrectly I would have seen there was a space between “rm” and “-R”

    All fixed now – you are a life saver – thanks

  5. Anonymous says:

    Simply the best, saved my day.

  6. I’m glad , it solved your pb ๐Ÿ™‚

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