My materials list

Here is my material list , my next step is to build my lab

  • 1×2821
  • 2xPVDM2-64
  • 1xVIC2-2BRI
  • 1×7942
  • 2×7912
  • 1xdell PC (intel i7 , RAM 6Go, HD 500Go)
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2 Responses to My materials list

  1. Manuel Parr says:


    How many VMs could you emulate in that server? I’m about to buy one just like that and I was hoping to emulate as many as possible (Pub/Sub/Unity/CCX/CUPs).

    Thanks for the info!

  2. Hi,
    well after installing the callmanager and unity connection I reduced the RAM of each VM to 1024 , I had a warning , but it worked without any pb

    the max I tried to run at the sametime is 3 servers , and by the way it is a matter of RAM , I think all new machine’s Processor can support easily 4 or 5 cisco VM

    Kind Regards

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